Natural Veneers in Bannerghatta Road Bangalore IndiaWe are one of the renowned suppliers of Natural veneers in bannerghatta road Bangalore. Veneer is thin slices of wood, generally thinner than 3 mm which is typically glued onto core panels like wood, particle board or MDF to make flat panels such as doors, parquet floors, panels and tops for cabinets and various parts of furniture .

Our Veneers are acquired from the very fine layers of chemically treated timber. We have employed professionals in this field to add a natural and elegant wooden look to the surface of furniture, cabinets and interiors. Our range of Natural Wood Veneers enhances the beauty of the timber and also makes it usable in various commercial and domestic applications .

Our goal is to bring forth a very high quality Natural Veneers with superior surface finish which improves glue bonding strength. These veneers are easy to maintain, highly durable and cost-efficient.

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Advantages of using our Natural Veneers

  • Cost Effective: Furniture made with our natural wood veneer requires less wood than Furniture made with solid wood.
  • Eco Friendly: Natural Wood Veneer has less impact on total energy use, air and water pollution, greenhouse gasses, ecological resource use and solid waste.
  • Sustainability: Using natural veneer extends the use of a piece of wood. The wood that might have been used as one solid piece, can be used to cover a far larger area when used as a veneer.
  • Toxicity: Natural Veneer is Nontoxic; as it stores carbon and maximises the usage of harvested wood.
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