Laminates have been the best choice for many great and exceptional design applications. Now a days is widely used for decorating furniture, doors, work-tops, flooring, shelves, table tops etc. These Laminates are available in a great selection of designs, colors and sizes. We are largest Supplier of Laminates in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, India .

Laminates are generally acknowledged because of their hardwood look & extreme durability. Laminate layer is made up of cellulose paper which has been saturated with the use of plastic resins. The core layer, a sheet of cellulose paper of wood design variety and a plastic resin-saturated paper are put together on a big rolling press and are then passed through a hot steam bath while the resin plastic is still wet. The pressure and high heat of the big rollers force the layers together permanently. This makes laminate floors so durable and sturdy.

These Laminates are suitable for a range of applications such as home furniture items, doors, shelves, counters, store fittings, wall linings, column cladding, table tops, work-tops, vanity units, cubicles, lift linings, office partitions, store fittings, displays, storage units, check-out desks etc.

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Distinct Advantages

  • Strength and Flexibility: Laminates are manufactured with Unbleached and absorbent craft paper with long cellulose fibre from virgin pulp which gives it High Strength & Flexibility.
  • Colour Fastness and Consistency: The primary pigment is imported from Europe which gives it colour consistency and fastness.
  • Carpenter Friendly: Very High quality plasticizers are used in Laminates to make it more flexible and carpenter friendly.
  • Ultimate Finish: Italian mould plates used in manufacturing which gives the ultimate surface texture and finish.
  • High Quality Raw Material: No inferior quality raw material is used.
  • Reduced Resin Consumption: Polished roughness is given by using double sanding belt to reduce adhesive use by approximately 25%.
  • Standard Weight: High density maintained while manufacturing laminates weighing more than 4.2kgs.


Available in 1mm and 1.5mm thickness.

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